CoreLogic announces agreement with Vichara Technologies and Intex Solutions


With this agreement, joint subscribers to the LoanPerformance RMBS dataset and Intex's non-agency deal libraries will now be able to seamlessly match each individual loan in the LoanPerformance dataset to the correct deal name, group name, Intex ground group name, and Intex loan identifier in the Intex dataset.

Investors will be able to use this enhancement to leverage the industry's most comprehensive source of loan-level data within the Intex Subroutines and Intex Wrapper application programming interface (API) producing significantly higher accuracy for trading decision support.

The LoanPerformance securities dataset includes loan and pool-level detail representing more than 96 percent of active non-agency RMBS with history on over 23 million loans in active and liquidated deals dating to 1992. The matching of loan-level data elements between the CoreLogic and Intex datasets utilizes Vichara's proprietary mapping algorithms.

"It's a natural extension for CoreLogic, Intex, and Vichara to work together to deliver the best residential mortgage data to the marketplace," said George Livermore, group executive for data and analytics for CoreLogic. "With this solution, the market can now take full advantage of the very best in data and analytics to make better investment decisions. We intend to continue partnering with Intex and Vichara to bring unique solutions and greater transparency to a market in a time of need," added Livermore.

"The relationship between Intex and CoreLogic brings additional value to our joint clients by enabling users to construct more robust, loan-level forecasting models., said Jim Wilner, vice president for Intex These models will be able to harness the additional content of the CoreLogic loan level database with the industry-leading Intex cashflow waterfall models."

"We initially developed the technology to map between the CoreLogic and Intex data sets because many of our clients wanted to drive credit models with the CoreLogic data and pass the results off to Intex's deal waterfall models for cash flow generation," said Peter Greenberg, managing director of Vichara Technologies. "Vichara has worked closely with CoreLogic and Intex as strategic partners for several years, and we are excited to be part of creating new synergy for users of the Intex and CoreLogic datasets."