Our Journey and Commitment

Designing, implementing & customizing enterprise systems for securities trading, portfolio management, asset securitization, risk management, e-finance and financial operations.

Vichara helps clients optimally manage all aspects of proprietary technology development, including analysis, strategy, design, implementation, deployment and maintenance. Vichara also helps clients manage and transform their IT infrastructure through consolidation, integration, automation and virtualization.

Capital Markets Technology Specialists

Vichara bridges the knowledge gap between technology and the capital markets to develop powerful financial systems that give our clients true competitive advantage. We have deep expertise and experience designing enterprise-class systems and highly quantitative software solutions for some of the world’s leading securities dealers, investment managers, banks, consumer finance companies, and financial information service providers.

Global Resource Optimization

With offices in the US and offshore software engineering centers in India and Colombia, Vichara minimizes project development costs by using offshore resources whenever possible. This globally distributed capability allows Vichara to help clients significantly reduce costs for major aspects of development and maintenance, including programming, quality assurance, data management, and other activities.

Technology Strategy and Implementation

Vichara does a lot more than just write code. We help our clients assess and document in-house processes and technology, formulate requirements, select technologies and tools, architect computing and development infrastructure, implement best processes for software engineering and systems management, develop and deploy customized enterprise class systems, and significantly enhance the return on their proprietary technology investment.

Large Scale System Development and Expertise

Developing a large complex software system requires the application of specialized software engineering expertise, disciplined engineering processes, in-depth technical know-how, and solid understanding of the application problem domain. Vichara has tremendous experience engineering and modifying large complex systems, and the Vichara senior team has personally trained all Vichara associates in advanced software engineering concepts.

Catalyst for Change

In the course of helping clients deploy technology to solve complex business problems, we are often a catalyst for the introduction of new technologies and process re-engineering