Vichara offers full range of technology services across the front, middle, back office for both buy side as well as sell side institutional participants.

Vichara has strong relationships with leading 3rd party technology vendors and deep expertise in systems integration. We have successfully delivered multiple projects involving reporting, implementation, system upgrading, testing, performance optimization and application maintenance services.

Trading & Risk Systems: Bloomberg, Murex, Calypso, Summit

  • Trade capture, position management , trade workflow, trade processing, final settlement and reporting
  • Integrate pricing feeds, market data sources with trading/risk systems
  • Data workflow integration with upstream and downstream systems

Portfolio Accounting: Advent Geneva, SS&C Sylvan

  • Expertise in RSL and RDL programming
  • Advanced accounting and risk reporting

Market /Reference Data: Bloomberg, Reuters, Markit, CoreLogic, Black Knight (LPS), Trepp, Intex, Lewtan, Moody’s, eMBS, TransUnion, Equifax, Cadis, GoldenSource

  • Provide high-quality, relevant data in a timely and cost-effective manner from multiple data providers
  • Help manage and consolidate securities reference data, create a ‘golden copy’ across the organization
  • Set-up an enterprise level data management platform

Analytics: Quantlib, RiskMetrics, ALib, FinCad, Numerix, Intex, TechHackers

  • Create custom analytics libraries to meet business requirements
  • Integrate analytics applications with other systems

Modeling: Matlab, R, SAS, Intex, CoreLogic, ADCo, Black Knight (LPS), Lewtan, Trepp, Moody’s

  • Implement & integrate models with existing analytics libraries
  • Ability to integrate and deploy models into production systems

CRM Systems: Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics

  • Implement lead capture, lead management, tracking, investor document management and automated workflows
  • Migrate legacy systems to Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics
  • Migrate to Salesforce Lightning
  • Integrate with in-house or 3rd party investment management platforms like Addepar

Order Management: Black Mountain (Everest), Fidessa, Murex, Charles River, Simcorp

Fund Accounting: SunGard InvestOne, Eagle STAR/PACE

Please visit our Advent Geneva services and Salesforce services pages for further details on our offering on these systems.