Vichara offers full range of technology services across the front, middle, back office for both buy side as well as sell side institutional participants.

We have successfully implemented several business intelligence solutions using Tableau, QLik, CISCO Composite, Denado, Informatica, Teiid and other major BI platforms. These solutions have enabled our clients solve complex data analysis problems.

  • Our business intelligence offering includes:

    • Comprehensive data visualization and business intelligence services using multiple platforms
    • Optimize business intelligence platforms to specific needs, enabling faster and highly relevant analysis
    • Architect, implement and maintain enterprise wide business intelligence platforms
    • Data management including data consolidation, data integration, migration, warehousing, synchronization and virtualization
    • Automate the entire data management life cycle
    • Create intuitive dashboards, data visualizations and reporting packs for in-depth analysis
    • Mobile ready business intelligence frameworks for on the go access

    Please visit our Tableau services page for further details on our offering on Tableau.