Vichara is led by an exceptional team of financial technology professionals with decades of experience developing strategic and mission-critical systems for many of the world’s leading financial institutions.

Michael How

CTO & Managing Director

Mike is regarded as an extraordinary systems architect and gifted software developer in the Wall Street technology community. He is a leading technical resource and mentor for both Vichara and client technical staff, and has served as chief architect for major systems initiatives at HSBC, CSFB, Babson Capital, FSA, Metacapital, Archeus Capital, Exis Capital, Citigroup, Lehman, Nomura, Goldman Sachs, CommerceNet and many other leading financial and information technology firms. He co-authored, with Atul, the widely used @nalyst and QuantTools financial analytic software packages. Prior to founding Vichara, Mike was CTO of TechHackers and Managing Director in the capital markets technology business at Unisys. Earlier in his career, Mike worked as a research engineer at HP and Digital. Mike holds MS and BS degrees in computer science from MIT, and has taught software and systems engineering at MIT